JOC—Medical Examiner RTU # 1 & # 3

Replaced Rooftop Units #1 and #3 at the Broward County Medical Examiners North Building. Both units include: DX cooling / High efficiency / Downflow, 10 Ton, 208/60/3, standard panels/pleated filters Merv 8, hot gas reheat coil, 100% fully modulating hot gas reheat valve, LonTalk unit controller- space temp & space humidity controls, clogged filter switch, space temperature sensor (Fld), space humidity sensor (Fld), curb adaptors (Fld), all coils (condenser, evaporator, hot gas reheat) anti-corrosion coating, BAS labor to integrate rooftop units onto existing Trane Tracer System, high level cut-off switch in condensate drain pan, and properly trapped condensate drain line.

Project Relevance

Broward County has the unique privilege of combining the services of the medical examiner’s office, forensic toxicology, and trauma services within one organization. While each section has its unique set of values and goals, the sections work together towards raising the level of service to meet the current and evolving standards of care for forensic medicine, forensic toxicology, trauma care, and administration, for the citizens of Broward County and visitors.


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